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HDTV media group Network Teleports provide companies with full 24 hour, domestic and international satellite transmission services and performs more than One Hundred and twenty thousand uplinks for our clients around the world.

Over 100 HD channels running 24/7, our teleports deliver MPEG2 & MPEG4 HD High Definition compression allowing the highest quality signal transmission at any bit-rate for more than 250 clients.

Our HDTV media uplink and downlink offers global satellite distributions through C/KU Band Transmissions using various satellite fleets including:
(Echostar) (AMC) (Smx) (Eutelsat) (Intelsat) (Telstar) (RSCC-Satellite) (Express-AM1) (Express-A4) (Paksat 1) (Arab Sat).

All HDTV media Network Teleportst satellite services include the most secured conditional access sytems including Conax, and other scrambling encryption systems for the highest protection to your networks content.

Additional services include C/KU band satellite mobile trucks, fiber-optics and disaster recovery services.

Whether the destination is Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Northern or Southern America or anywhere else on the globe, we have the necessary facilities and the capacity to support our customers needs anywhere in the world.

Give us your problem, and we will give you an answer whether you need for business or home network. HDTV provides affordable and fully customizable services.

HDTV Media Group HD High Definition here and around the World available now trough our Network Teleports Oration uplinks Broadcasts division & operates the most advanced digital platforms; includes uplink, downlinks and turnaround services for global distributions for HD video transmissions of television, channels. radio and data IP applications.

HDTV Media Group firmly believes that satellite private networks will play a growing and indispensable role in meeting the increasing demands for multimedia services and electronic connectivity around the world. The rapid globalization of the telecommunications industry and the exponential growth of the Internet are placing severe demands on global telecommunications network capabilities. This demand is further increased by the convergence of computing and communications and by the increasing new applications such as Web casting, desktop and video conferencing. Satisfying customer network requirements is one of the industries greatest challenges. With its advanced satellite communication networks, HDTV Media Group Network Teleports is poised to be an integral part of the newly emerging national and global information infrastructures. Satellite communication offers a number of advantages over traditional terrestrial point-to-point Networks. These include:

1.Wide geographic coverage including interconnection of remote terrestrial networks.

2. Bandwidth on demand, or Demand Assignment Multiple Access (DAMA) capabilities.

3.An alternative to damaged fiber-optic networks for disaster Recovery options.

4. Multipoint to multipoint communications facilitated, in many cases, by interoperability with the Internet.

5. Network Quality Broadcast Video.

Satellite HDTV Media Group Network offers universal connectivity to domestic and international Transmission markets, while retaining the key HDTV Media Group Teleports Network benefits that are so crucial in today's Competitive Economic Environment.


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